Llama's Notes

11 September, 2006

Waynoff Notice

Well that didn't last long. Lee has already formally apologized for his 'omission', and I must take him off Notice, and promote him back to Wayne.

Now, for Wayne, and all those loyal fans of both Llama's Notes and South Passage, I must say this. I had really hoped that Wayne would play along. I wasn't actually too offended for his 'omission', but saw it as an opportunity to have some fun.

So, Wanye, we're cool? Right? Good. Here's the new On Notice board:



  • At 00:34, Blogger Selena said…

    To your list, can you also add the person who decided to come up with the questions and format of the OSAP website? THAT SITE IS A PAIN IN THE ASS!!!

  • At 10:21, Blogger Emperor Wayne said…

    I had a feeling you were joshing me. Oh well. I thought it was a riot. Definatly keep up with that. I am going to make my own.


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